Number of Solvers for Collections

I would like to suggest that we display the number of people who have completed each collection next to the number of puzzles in the collection as a basic indicator of relative difficulty of the collection.

And we would need to keep such a number updated as (a) people completed puzzles, AND (b) as the collection owner potentially adds or deletes puzzles from the collection.

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I would love to see this come to be!

I would recommend that puzzles with zero solvers or only solved by the designer not be allowed to count towards completing the collection series. I should create a collection of puzzles that even the original designer can’t solve by scratch, myself included.

Might think of a filter for unsolved in a future upgrade if collections are being used. Some collections are sort of big.

This is probably a matter of taste. Personally, I wouldn’t want it to be completed, because it is in fact not completed, even though it is known to be possible (puzzles known to be actually impossible due to early puzzles not being verified have historically been hidden, and impossible puzzles due to bugs have either been hidden/removed or fixed)

And as for the request in general, definitely a reasonable ask. Relatively low priority though - especially as this would require some nontrivial effort to figure out how to ensure this is done efficiently on the backend.

Can collections be added to after the initial collection creation?

Yep, added to or removed from. We’re looking at this more as an organizing tool than anything. Maybe you have an ongoing series of puzzles you’re making, or you’re collecting puzzles that practice or provide info about a certain topic, etc.

Got it. I was thinking a collection as one puzzle that can’t be modified after posting. You solve all the puzzles and you solve that collection once and for all. Ignore my original post above then. Thanks for the clarification.