Numbered Grid Overlay for Dot Plot

Hi All,

I love the new larger dot-plot and use it a lot. But I have some difficulty in figuring out which bases are responsible for each dot on the plot.

I was hoping perhaps we could have numbers all up and down the side and across the top edge, every 5 bases, like in the graphic display, and also have a grid overlay we could switch on and off to help trace back the dots to the two edges and so more easily identify the problem bases.

That is, a grid sort of like the one in this graphic of the RNAFold version, only with numbers on two sides for easy reference without having to count:

Thanks, and Best Regards,


Again very sorry about the late response. I have just found this unanswered as well.

Grids on the dot plot has been implemented - faint grid lines will now show up every 10 bases.

Let us know if the new feature doesn’t work. Thanks for the suggestion!