Oranges and apples - Scores in the classic browser

I have very much enjoyed playing with the new lab browser. Especially since it holds other types of data. Plus there is the switch graph.

However there are things that are not there. Like base pairs, sorting function and easy search fields. Nothing beats browsing through designs in a few seconds, to get an impression of the overall structure trends and differences between the design before and after. And for those things I need what the classic browser. The classic browser is there, but without score it is no good)

So my point is, while oranges are awesome, I still want apples. :wink:

I want the scores uploaded in the classic browser too.

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Got the scores. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Links to the round 1 TB labs take me to the new data browser.  I can’t seem to locate or select foldChange or global FoldChange columns to view.  Is that because the link is to a template view that can’t be changed?

Hi Whbob!

When entering the lab from a lab page like this one:…

To get to the classic browser, choose the option puzzle instead of sequences when you enter through the lab image. When the puzzle has loaded, then choose designs again under setting.

Example of link to the classic browser:…

Notice the word game. The data browser will have web instead.

To get the full range of data for the new browser, when entering a lab like this:…

then delete this bit “?puzzle_id=6892309” in the link that is specific for that lab, and you can choose lab and what kind of data you want to see.

Full data browser:…

Thanks Eli, your the best!

Thanks for the input, Eli.  The devs discussed this, and we will continue to populate the flash browser database with the scores.

Np, Omei! This is very good news on all accounts. This shall allow us to get the best from both browsers.

For those who haven’t seen yet, check out Omei’s and my new Manual for using the Data Browser

The scores in the classic browser and on the synthesized RNAs tab on my profile page for the round 1 B/C-DEC lab do not reflect the R104 rev 3 spreadsheet.  Will the new browser scores be updated to the rev 3 scores? 

Just a small reminder. While we have got the results for OpenTB round 2 and 3 in the data browser - thx! - we have still not received them in the classic interface.

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The score leaderboard for Open TB round 2 and 3 hasn’t been updated either.

Round 3 holds a copy of the round 1 scores and the Round 2 hasn’t recieved any leaderboard update at all.