Pin a section so I can map from target to nature

I can’t follow even my local section when I switch from target to nature, everything shifts around. I’d like to pin a base/region on the display. or maybe have a mode where both are on screen at the same time, with mapping lines. I’m sure these aren’t new idea, but there they are!

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You can tag nucleotides by ctrl-clicking them. Then a black circle will appear around it and you can easily follow the tagged nucleotides while switching between target and natural mode.

That will do nicely! Didn’t see it mentioned in the intro. Thanks!

Thanks Madde for answering JRStern!

I think JRStern really has something here - The tag feature wonderful - I use it constantly in a variety of situations, but, if as JRStern seems to me to be suggesting, if the tag not only made a black circle, but additionally became the center “anchor” of the focus during transition from target mode to natural mode, then “WOW!” That would make it even Better! :slight_smile:

Is this possible? If so I would just LOVE it! And I’m willing to bet that many, many others would too.

Thanks to JR for a great idea, and thanks as well to all the Devs who watch these posts so closely, to keep their finger on the pulse of the community

:slight_smile: - d9

I will certainly talk to the developers to see if it is possible. I have put it as #383 in our bug tracker.

I presume that somewhere out there is some “real” RNA folding software that probably has fifty features that would also be nice in the game - and would include this “pin” feature.

I could probably reel of ten more without breaking a sweat, but I’m not entirely sure where the game aspect leaves off and something like a CAD/CAM system for RNA begins!

Thanks always for what has turned out to be quite an addictive little game, and maybe I’m even learning a bit by playing!

Just thinking of the difficulties involved in implementation: What happens when there are multiple tags? I propose calculating a “center-of-gravity” if there are two or more tags, and centering on that average center.

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Hi. I love this game! I’m playing it on a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a modest screen resolution of 1440 x 900. When solving a puzzle, I like to zoom in so I can see details better, especially when I’m working on a tricky section. If I tweak it and the shape changes, sometimes the section that I’m focusing on flies off the screen. I think it would be helpful if I could select a portion of the sequence that I’d like to be kept (centered?) on the screen, or a single nucleotide to stay fixed at a point on the screen while the shape changes around it. Would that be hard to implement? Thanks for considering it. I hope I get to meet the people behind this some day and buy you a round of drinks. Cheers.