Player Puzzle pages not updating with recent solvers or comments

Basically, when you click player puzzles in the top menu, you get a list of puzzles made by players. This DOES update constantly, meaning if a player solves a puzzle, it immediately updates the number of solvers on this page. However, if you click on an individual puzzle, the number of solvers and recent comments made do not update for a long time, so even if there is one solver, the page will say 0 solvers.

Comments that are recent are also not updated, but they can be seen by the puzzlemaker in their MY FEEDS.


I can confirm.

This has to do with the browser not realizing that the page has been updated, so it renders the page from its own cache. I added a dummy random variable to some pages to prevent this from occuring, guess I should add this to more pages.

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Wouldn’t a last updated meta tag be more appropriate (I think the no cache tag is partially deprecated, but don’t trust what I’m saying here as I’m not positive).

its actually on the api call to the database to retrieve the json data