hi, i’ve been playing eterna for like a month whith no problem and two days ago it told me that i need a plugin. I don’t know wich one. please help.

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It sounds like your web browser was sending that message.  Do you know which browser you have? Chrome, or Internet Explorer etc.? Also, did it say a plugin name like flash or some other name?

@whbob i’m using mozilla firefox and no it didn’t gave me any plugin name.

@ghita, the only plugin you should need is Flash.  Go to, and see what it says, e.g.

@Omei Turnbull  thank you

I had the same problem but my browser showed that i have flash well installed :( 

@ MPedreseo: I think Firefox checks for the latest version of Flash and rejects any older version it sees.  Tells you to that you need a plugin.  Your problem may be something else, but check the Flash version numbers to be sure.

thank you all for your help. the problem got fixed by it self apparently. I didn’t understand how but i’m not complaining :wink: