posting switch problem?

I am posting a switch (2 way) and errors out in post window with white on white error message. Can not read or proceed. “Please enter something”


Added to Wiki table until devs can take a look:…

The error is not cosmetic, is doesn’t allow a switch to be posted. Try creating and posting a simple switch to verify.


Screenshot of issue:

I’ve run into the same issue just now

Hmmm… Perhaps this should be a bug? JR, mind changing that?

The error message I’m getting says “please enter the number of addable bases.”
So, I added some addable bases and entered the number of addable bases. When I clicked “Ok” nothing happened (the puzzle wasn’t posted, and I didn’t get an error message).

I’ve had the exact same problem as Meechl: “Please enter the number of addable bases”. This was on a Switch 2 state puzzle which took me hours to stabilise both states and now it wont let me submit it. Also the Pip mode has returned to the same problem that was solved weeks ago. The problem is that both states open at different zoom levels.
Please can we have a “Deselect All” button??? ♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫♫ ♪ ♩

My latest 2 state Switch puzzle which causes the above error has the difference of -0.06 kcal between unbound and the bound state. Could this small difference be the cause of the error, despite both mini-maps being white?
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I still can’t submit my latest Switch puzzle. :wink: :slight_smile:

I think the code is affected with a new virus called the Nandovirus that only lets players with the letters Nando in the name post switches.

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I’m just using an earlier version of the switchmaker :wink:

Having the same exact problem here.

Please can Jee or Jnicol let me know when the Switch Puzzlemaker is working again. I’m still waiting to submit my 10th Switch Puzzle (2 states).
Regards Malcolm :wink: :slight_smile:

I’m just bumping this up the thread list, to see if anyone has a solution to this problem. Thanks!


The switchmaker appears to be allowing us to publish again :slight_smile: Thanks John