Pre-Lab Recommended Reading (for New Players)

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As we add thousand upon thousands of new player each week, and because we are seeing many of the same mistakes being repeated over and over in the Lab, I wanted to try to compile a list of links to some of the best recent Forum Topics on :

  1. How to succeed in the Lab Competitions, and…
  2. How to avoid the most common mistakes made repeatedly by new players In the Lab.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, and indeed, the number of great new information guides written by players is growing daily.

But this is a start; a sampling for new players, of things they should definitely know before starting in the Lab. As most players will tell you, merely getting the 10,000 points to allow you to enter the Lab is unfortunately not nearly enough to allow you to succeed.

RNA Lab Strategy Guide

About Free Energy

Mistakes to Avoid in RNA LAB

Why wouldn’t I want to use all G-C bonds?

More on the most common New Player Mistake

Discussion on Lab Lessons

Best Reason of all to not use all G-C Pairs

Please read these articles at a minimum, just as a start; then stay current with all the latest discoveries made by players in the Lab by becoming a “Get-Satisfaction” member, and checking for new articles frequently.

Good Luck, and Best Regards,


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