Problems due to iPad?

I’m having lots of problems today while trying to access eternal on my iPad for the first time. Login worked and after lots of tapping I got into puzzles. Not having to go through different pages to pick a puzzle is Great!!!
However after picking one and saying play now twice I just got a blue screen and no bubbles. Going back to chat about it I discovered no chat. Chat is veery important.
Then when I tried to go to community there was no community and when I tried to. Use getsatsifaction they seem to be saying that I’m the first to use it (false).
Is the system down or something? Or is iPad the wrong vehicle to play?

Hello Mummiebrain,

Recently, Apple has banned flash applications running on their platform. Therefore, we cannot run EteRNA on ipad or iphone.

Sorry Mummiebrain, sadly EteRNA currently doesn’t run on the iPad or iPhone. EteRNA is built using Flash, which isn’t supported by either of those two devices.

Thanks for the question!

Gnash support may be available for iPad -…

Once Gnash is supported by EteRNA, iPad/iPhone support may follow…