Profile badges

After our last dev chat I must agree that the badge for five comments seems a bit unnecessary. It interferes with my messages when I am trying to follow the real and thoughtful comments that are posted on many of our news and blog posts. I would consider removing that badge and expanding the lab badges you can achieve. Such as a badge for voting a top design. Or designing a top design. You can even set up a level of badges for voting or designing winners. Number of winners voted for gets you a higher level badge . Much like solving a particular number of votes.


Hi Hyphema!

I really like your idea with more lab badges. You are giving good ideas.

Thanks Eli. I noticed I put the word *votes on the end of my thought and I meant to say *puzzles.

Perhaps this is a way to stimulate intelligent designing and better understanding of RNA folding. This may be better than giving badges to players with the most points from lab.

Thx for the word explanation.

I agree that lab badges will be a fine way to encourage more players to get started with lab and celebrate their victory with making a winner or voting for a winner.

I also agree with your last point. I think the badges will be more important to new players. If making a lab score total or average, this could dis-encourage some of the experimenting, as the more experienced lab players sometimes do things out of curiosity and to test hypothesis, despite this might not result in a high score. In several of Nando’s lab the point was to make pseudoknots and not necessarily a traditional winner. It could also hurt the voting on the more experimental designs, over the more safe bets.