Profile not being updated

I just discovered this game and I love it! Good Job!
I’ve tried to update my profile but I encountered a few bugs :
Bug 1 : The “About Me” sections is kept blank, even though I entered a brief text and no error were raised when I summitted it.
Bug 2 : My profile photo is displayed in the the very top bar (on the right near my profile name) but it’s not displayed in my profile page. The only time I can see it on my profile page if it’s I click on
“Cleared Puzzles” tab then click on “puzzle Date” or “puzzle Name”. The page is updated with my photo then. If I click back to AboutPlayer tab, it disappear.
I have tried to found if people faced a similar issue in the forum but I couldn’t only found either very old thread or not similar thread.
I’m ready to answer if you nead more detailed or need to try some sequence to help in debugging this.
Thanks for  your support
Best Regards

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Looks fine to me.

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@LFP6 : Thanks, it’s very strange.
I will try with another browser maybe

It works well on Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17501
But It doesn’t on Mozilla Firefox 39.0.3

Hi Patosh84!

I can confirm your trouble with firefox regularly not updating changes that has happened in eterna. Its the same for me on profile changes and comments. So I’m using Chrome at the moment.