Proposed "Labels" for Player Interface

The Devs have been exploring what kind of “labels” we would like to use while creating designs in a lab puzzle. Here’s my concept of what design labels could look like. I’m picturing them as very brief notes – either yellow boxes that adjust size as more text is entered (and maybe turned on and off in the GUI?), or a Note icon that opens when clicked.

Would players use such a feature or want to read notes written by other players?


I would like such an option. Also with the ability to both turn it on and turn it off.

It also could be used as a violation-tool expansion, notes in green boxes(these are player made), IUPAC violation notes in red boxes and motif/protein ones in yellow boxes(these two are generated via constraints by engine if possible?), also you can add/attach green box to the other two if you think it needs explaining maybe, like my IUPAC says A/C, Booster says U/C conflict where U generates IUPAC violation.

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The new annotations feature is now live. Feel free to create dedicated topics for any further issues or suggestions.