Pseudoknot - 90 lab barcode using 50 lab locations

When submitting a solution in the Pseudoknot - 90 lab, the NOTICE window with the ‘Your “Barcode” is not unique!’ message may appear, and submission blocked, despite the unique barcode objective showing as green.

The position of the barcode does not seem to have been fully updated between labs. Think my Pseudoknot - 90 solution was blocked from submission because its 88-94 sequence (now in the middle of the solution) was being matched against the 88-94 barcode sequence of a Pseudoknot - 50 lab solution. (The Pseudoknot - 90 lab barcode sequence is at 128-134.) Changing the Pseudoknot - 90 solution’s barcode didn’t allow submission, but a change in the 88-94 sequence did.

Also, the color and font formatting commands in the NOTICE box are being displayed instead of being processed.

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Two things to note here:

  1. We are intentionally sharing hairpins between the two puzzles, so yes it must be unique between the two
  2. I believe the mismatch in uniqueness information is (essentially) expected. The list of used hairpins are downloaded when you first load the puzzle, and your designed hairpins are matched against that (plus any designs you submit within the same session/tab). If someone else submits a design after you load the tab but before you submit, the constraint won’t know about it, but we do make sure to check against up to date information at the time of submission. This is to avoid needing to constantly request information about available hairpins

Let me know if this doesn’t seem to match visible behavior

The bug is that the middle of the P90 solutions are being compared to the barcodes of the P50 solutions at the moment of solution submission.

Existing P50 barcodes at 88-94 are being compared to P90 values at 88-94. The P90 values at 88-94 are no longer barcode positions. The P90 barcodes have been moved 40 places to 128-134.

Many of the checks are working fine, but when you click to submit a P90 solution there is the added requirement that the 88-94 values now in the middle of the P90 solution match no P50 barcode.

A user is told they need to change the P90 barcode to a unique sequence, so they change the barcode at 128-134 and submit again. They get the submission blocked again because the 88-94 values in their P90 solution still match the 88-94 barcode values of an existing P50 solution.

Hi @ucad, thank you for reporting the glitch. I’ve pasted a couple base 27-96 sequences from the Pseudoknot-50 puzzle into the Pseudoknot-90 puzzle and have not been able to replicate the problem. I’m hoping what you observed was a one-time fluke. Please let us know if it happens again.

Quite the clever idea, pasting in a design from the smaller puzzle to test if it folds the same way in the larger puzzle.

I replied too quickly! I hadn’t actually tried submitting. Here is the error message.

@LFP6 I exited the puzzle because the interface started behaving oddly (when I clicked the barcode hairpin, it moved as a custom layout tool would behave). Then went back in and tried another unique barcode. I got the same error code. Same with another unique code. Then when I changed the ghost hairpin sequence, I was able to submit.

Short answer for now is let’s not copy the barcode hairpin sequence from one puzzle to another.

Yeah looks like when checking prior solutions for an existing hairpin that matches the hairpin being submitted, we used the barcode position on that puzzle for extracting the barcode from the solution being submitted, rather than using the barcode location of the current puzzle. I’ll get a fix out momentarily

Released the updated and it looks to be fixed now - let me know if anything still looks off. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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