Puzzle master (1600) badge not recieved

I have not received my badge for completing 1600, and I am well past that…:frowning:

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It does indeed seem that this is the case! Interestingly enough, I don’t see this under “Mastering Eterna”, so I’m wondering if it might have been deprecated. Caleb would probably have some idea here.

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Hey Billy, sorry for the delayed response. LFP6 is correct–the old “Puzzle Master” badges were deprecated, in favor of the “Challenge Puzzles” side project listed under “Mastering Eterna”. If you look at the badges on your profile page, you should see a “Challenge Puzzles Level 7” (with description “Puzzle Master [Level 7]” on hover).

Would it make sense to remove the original badges or mark them as “retired” (like on Foldit)? Should the number of puzzles be added to the badge?

I like the idea of “retiring” the badges, and I can talk to sharif about adding the number of puzzles. I’ll bring both of these ideas up at the dev meeting this Friday!

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