Puzzle "playlist"

An idea for a tool I came up with in chat…

nascarnut: Put it in the “Get back to it later” pile. (Which is real big) :slight_smile: [8:53 PM]
LFP6: That’s a thought… A puzzle “Playlist” [8:54 PM]

nascarnut: Ya that would be a good one LFP6, a list of puzzles we’ve worked on and not solved. [8:56 PM]
Jieux: funny, I suggested that the other night. [8:57 PM]
Jieux: you forget such stuff. [8:57 PM]
LFP6: No, I mean you manually choose the puzzles you want on it. Creators could make a series, you could put together ones to look at later, compile tutorials… [8:58 PM]


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I like the idea of making our own playlists, especially for puzzles one might want to get back to later. 
   I wonder though if there is a way to view/access (currently) those puzzles which seem to be in the sames series, say all of the “Level 0-4” puzzles for various existing RNAs. The description for each puzzle is the same, and the links to the literature are found therein, but I have yet to see a listing of puzzles within such sets.
   Likewise for puzzles described as being within a “series” I would very much like to have a link which would bring me to a list of the puzzles within said series (If possible). 
   I suppose I could go to the page of the one who posted the puzzle, but some of those lists are quite long indeed.

    Just pondering xD

Funny. Hoglahoo and I were discussing the need to get back to our unsolved puzzles eons ago.   :slight_smile: