Puzzle Sorting

Wondering if we could add filters to the puzzles page.

Two main ones which I think would be useful,
a) One to sort for unsolved. That way your unsolved ones are always at the top.
Similar to how “Newest” does it at the moment.
b) One for challenge mode, in where it only shows the challenge puzzles.
An extra for that would be to show, without having to go into the puzzle, how many points you are off the Top position. Like say number one has got 25, and your last score was 23. It would either say you are -2 or your score is 23. If that makes sense. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi Berex,

option to filter “solved” or “unsolved” is listed as case #129 in our task tracker. It’s status is “Pending” and it’ll be revisited when we move our focus to website optimization.

Thank you for suggestion!

EteRNA team