Question for admin re: embedding?

Greetings! I think Eterna is amazing. I am not sure where to ask this question so I thought I would post it here. I am a k-8 public school teacher in Oregon. I curate a website for my school district that includes lots of games based learning and would like to feature eterna on our landing page. There is no money in the project and it is for public school students, but wanted to ask your explicit permission to inline link the game on the page so that it would literally be the first thing they see when they access our site. Our site serves about 20,000 students in our district. Thanks for your consideration. -G

If you haven’t done so already, I suggest you sign up and play the game a bit (beyond just the opening tutorials) first, and verify that you think it’s appropriate enough for your kids as a whole to feature it on your site. We do have some very active and talented teens, but they seem to be mostly in high school. I’m sure you have some students in your district that could thrive here, but I wouldn’t think of it as being particularly well suited to the K-8 demographic as a whole.

(I’m just a player, and this is just my personal opinion.)

I’ve plaeyd through in 7and 8 myself, but I wouldn’t be sure about the younger kids…

I agree, make sure you play a bit first.

I would suggest sending a message to Jee. He is one of the main people working on Eterna, and basically acts as our PR person. You can do so here:…

I don’t imagine there will be any problem with permission.

And I think it a fine idea for the K-8 grades, though a cooperative group method might be better than purely solitary play for many in that age range.

One consideration to make that May be of some concern is the open chat we have. While I think most parents of k - 8 would be fine with our convo’s there may be some that may object to some topics that come up. There is the occasional banned player that want to rant about something that could be offensive. Just throwing the thought out since you(G Bundy) may be found responsible for the material in chat. Besides that I think eterna can be very interesting for kids from 6 th and up

Personally, we could really use actual chat guidelines…