Questions about two-week rounds

  1. Will synthesis still take place 8-at-a-time?

  2. If so, will you release the results of the first 8 as soon as they’re available or will you wait until all 16 results are available?

  3. If the former, what do you think of keeping one-week (on average) rounds and just not picking designs from players whose designs were picked the previous round? That way the players whose designs weren’t picked for the first 8 not only have a better chance of being picked for the next 8 but also have the benefit of seeing results for the first 8.

Hi aldo,
This is still a trial, but its 16 designs every two weeks.
But the first round of each shape will be dedicated to 4 NUPACK designs.
And they are considering possibly reserving slots for exceptional player strategies with their own bots.

I’m guessing nothing will change in the respect that all the results will be released at the same time. But it’ll allow a greater variety of designs to be analyzed, synthesized and a lot more people will be able to possibly contribute to the final result.

I hope that answers your questions.

Hi aldo, Berex is right.

We’ll synthesize 16 designs every two weeks. 12 will be from players and 4 will be from either “NUPACK” algorithm or those picked by the best “player strategies” in the “Strategy Market”

Unfortunately we do 16 at once, so it’s actually hard for us to release 8 at a time.