Questions and Answers about "Elo"

Hi All,

A recent comment by Adrien Treuille in the “New Synthesis Candidates Selection System” thread made me start thinking that we could profit from a separate thread just for questions and answers about Elo.

Here is that comment from Adrien:

“A nice thing about this system is that we don’t need to worry about where to “insert” new designs, nor when they’re created because the ordering is well-defined no matter when solutions get compared. Of course we may want to include some sort of “stability” in the system so that newly submitted designs aren’t sorted until they receive a sufficient number of comparisons. But in general, this approach may allow us to weaken the importance of “rounds:” we would simply pop the top 8 solutions off the totally ordered list and synthesize those.”

My first few questions are:

  1. How many (minimum)comparisons per design is sufficient to provide this stabilty mentioned above?

  2. How long do you estimate obtaining that minimum will take per design?

  3. Will we as players be able to see the developing sort of all entries as it gets updated, so as to monitor progress or detect trends?

  4. Could we receive a little more detail on how you see this as affecting the “Rounds” system (i.e.: “weakening the importance of it”)?

Thanks, and Best Regards,