Rampant SPAM in player profiles


As I was showing those to Hoglahoo, he invited me to do a player search for “web” or “hair”. Well, check it out yourselves.

Ah yes, this is supposed to be a sharing of an idea:

  • Delete all profiles of players with 0 total points

  • Block editing the profile of an account until that account has reached 5’000 points.

And the same IP address that created

also created these ones
and they’re still at it…

Hi Nando!

Thx for bringing up this. It would be great to have an integrated way in our game, to get rid of these spam sites.

I just want to highlight Hogla’s idea related to spam groups, on having a report button, so we can report such pages. It could also be a profile page to report on.

Tattletale report: New spam group

The easier it is for us to report and more knowing how to do it, the faster and better we can deal with it.

And it keeps going…


It’s in French, sorry about that, but it says quite clearly, that “company” is an unscrupulous scamming business.

The spammers also found the forum. So we also need to have a way to get them out from there too.


They’re better and more motivated than I thought. Apparently, they read this forum too. Hard to explain that they pass the tutorials automatically now, earning exactly 5000 points…

Let’s delete everyone with exactly 5k points then.

More spam in the forum:


If one follows the username, it is clear that this one has also spammed a lot of other forums.


Yeah, may want to contact GetSat about that…?

Don’t forget–people coming in from NOVA Labs get 5000 extra points to start out with.

Good idea, LFP!

Here is more of it: https://getsatisfaction.com/eternagam…


I consider the posting above as spam and should be deleted since it doesn’t pertain to Eterna whatsoever. This account also has 5,000 points.


More cabinets.

You are being gamed. You are giving them internet spam points by bringing attention to them.