Random Zoom Bug

Sometimes at random while I’m doing a puzzle it will zoom in and where I click will be somewhere else entirely on the screen. This happens almost every minute and I haven’t found anything that triggers it, it fixes itself by resizing the window on my imac although it will still happen afterwards.

For clarity - are you saying that it’s randomly zooming itself in (without using the scrollwheel, pinching, or clicking the zoom button)? Or something else? Also, could you provide your browser and OS version, and what you’re using to interact (ie touchscreen, trackpad, regular mouse, magic mouse, etc)?

Sorry for the lack of info, I’m currently using version macOs Mojave 10.14.6 and i’m playing eterna on google chrome (fully updated) with a regular mouse. As for the bug itself it happens without any scrolling, the page zooms in on a spot to the bottom left of where my mouse is. Moving the mouse moves the spot where my mouse originally was and resizing the window resets the zoom to normal.