Reducing puzzle searching and loading

It would be nice to be able to work through a series of puzzle increasing difficulty from 0-4 without having to go back and search through the main puzzle menu to find the next one. Or is this already possible?

Hi Zmiller - Several requests are already submitted for increased challenge sort options - meanwhile, try the “newest” sort - many of the puzzles were originally released in order, and you will see them that way when you use that sort ( albeit in reverse order) :slight_smile: -d9

Hi zmiller,

“Alphabetical sort” has been added to the puzzle page - this should at least make it a bit easier to browse through puzzles with same names and different levels. We are also working on adding more sorting options to the website!

It might be interesting to experiment with varying the default sort over time, and seeing if players going through the present way might have different insights from players that played series in order of increasing difficulty. Since not everyone seems to be walking through the default order as I did, maybe this question could be looked at now. Is there info on the order of puzzles completed by players?