Removing Votes

You should make it more apparent that you can remove votes that you have placed. I only discovered that you could when I was trying to break/cheat the system.

That’s a really good idea, Daniel. Do you have any ideas about how we could do this? If it looks like a good idea, we should add it to the bug tracker as a feature request.

I see two main ways to do this. The first and fastest way you be just add a line on the side where it says:

+You have n votes for each round.
+You have 0 votes left.
+If a design you voted for gets synthesized, you’ll get 10 times the design’s synthesis score nucleotides as a reward for your vote
+Take a look at this conversation about voting strategies

I would add to the middle:
+You can remove votes you placed by voting a negative number.

However, you don’t want to overcrowd this area so you can have a clear view of what is important. Alternatively, you could add a button next to the current vote button that says Remove Votes that is just the regular Vote button icon that is a thumbs down instead of a thumbs up.

Alex. This idea has been added as feature #67 with medium priority in the bug tracker.

This idea has been implemented. Let us know if you have trouble using it

EteRNA team.

Lee, but i think the remove votes must be removing other user votes… this is the case:

User A has a design that most of us know it wont work right… what i do is i vote negative votes on that design so it will be -1 instead of zero… and so on… for

@geneticistman, I think this idea has some merit,and a lot of good potential, but I also think it is fraught with peril; if you enable “negative votes” or “thumbs-down” votes, for the admirable reason of voting down bad designs for good reasons, you also unfortunately enable the voting down of good designs for bad reasons. I think this idea deserves its own topic, and a thorough airing of all the possible pros and cons by the whole player community and the devs. I would urge you to please consider republishing it under it’s own heading as a separate topic

Overall, I’m interested, but concerned about abuse & unintended side-effects;I think this idea, if implemented, would have to be closely monitored and moderated, with a rigidly defined set of guidelines for it to work, but - maybe it could.