"Research" Chat room

A few of us were talking in chat today about the need for multiple channels. Foldit has done this, and I think this would be very helpful for those who wish to talk about puzzles/science/other eternal-related stuff while chat is busy (especially with the now often off-topic stuff).

I’m in favor. There are difficulties though, and not only technical ones. If the point of multiple “channels” or “rooms” is to be able to avoid off-topic noise, then who defines what is on-topic or not in those channels, and who enforces the policy when deemed necessary?

True, Nando. That brings up another point I was thinking of. Perhaps we should add chat rules/guidelines? Going back to Foldit for an example: http://fold.it/portal/communityrules

A chat mod would then ban any offenders after they are given a warning. If it continues, they get kicked perminately.

This is a fantastic idea that I hope gets implemented.