Research Publication

My research professor wants me to present on DNA nanotechnology and your research. Where can I read get copies of your published work? Thanks, and I’m absolutely addicted to solving these puzzles.

Unfortunately, very little of our work has been published so far. However, if you’re looking for papers on DNA nanotechnology I would recommend looking at papers from the following groups amongst the many others in the DNA nanotechnology field:

William Shih
Paul Rothemund
Erik Winfree
Hao Yan
Luc Jaeger

And most importantly
Nadrian “Ned” Seeman

Thanks for your help!

So I have another question: This project is a unique way to solve the variety of RNA structures available. It reminds me of distributed computing networks like SETI@home. Do you know of any other projects who have used a community to solve their computational problems like this one? Is there even a name for it?

I’d call it distributed thinking.

Other project like EteRNA are:
Foldit - (protein structure prediction) and
Phylo - (comparative genomics)

And of course there are the projects of the Zooniverse but those are more about categorizing and pattern recognition.

Madde is correct in that this is more like distributed thinking. Other ways of calling this would be Citizen Science or crowdsourcing. As for other distributed computing project, there is a good wikipedia article on the topic… is based off of Rosetta and several of the EteRNA development team had experience with that team. It too tackles the structure question but looks at the problem in 3D space where there happens to be many more degrees of freedom. However, this project has a lab component which is fairly unique.