Restore Very Best Option

I think that an interesting idea for a feature is a restore very best option. Sometimes I am close to a solution for a puzzle, but in trying to solve it I mess everything up. So a restore best feature would be good.

That’s definitely going to be useful.

One tricky part is that right now the game has no score other than the clear time so it’s unclear what is your “best design”. We could say the design whose shape is most close to the target shape is your best one.

This is now case # 131 of our Feature/Bug tracker.

Doesn’t that assume that they know what’s very best?

I was thinking on “best design” as being based on free energy. Other metrics could include (for the challenge puzzles at least) percent of the nucleotides that are bonded as in the target.

In competition puzzles, now it will always load your best design as default. Let us know if it doesn’t work

EteRNA team