Revival of the Eterna3D motif assembly game

Hi Everyone,

So I’ve been tinkering around with with the original Eterna 3D motif assembly game, and I was wondering how much players would like to see just puzzles of this format. I have a little bit of experience with generating the files that can make these puzzles, and I could probably make some puzzles for players to build. Granted, this would be up to the development team if they would like to see these puzzles in action, but I think it could be interesting to see Eterna delve back into the realm of 3D structure design. Let me know your thoughts below. Would you like to see more 3D motif assembly puzzles. Would you like to see the development team go through the work to bring this back into the game with very little support for fixing bugs and such? Would working on entirely abstract puzzles prepare players for a future where this game, or other 3D design games, may be a reality? Only a significant amount of player interest could drive such a thing forward.


Oh yeah, and this would happen after the ribosome puzzles so that players and development team don’t have to worry about timing. I’m just curious in testing the waters to see if players would want such a thing in the first place.

If 3D approaches expand our ability to see how things actually work, I’m all in.  I feel like my current designing is biased/limited by hanging on to what I think of as certainties - namely maxing energy delta, at the expense of other needed relationships.