[RFE] Free Energy in Scripts?

Is there a way to determine the free energy of a particular folding within the scripting interface? If not I’d like to make a Request For Engineering:

Lib.freeEnergy(sequence,shape) returning
the free energy of the sequence as folded into that shape.

Or failing that, at least:

Lib.foldWithFreeEnergy(sequence) returning
{shape: shapeString, energy: freeEnergy}

It seems like there is such a free energy calculator somewhere, as when you edit a sequence in the puzzleMaker or lab it can tell you what the free energy of the target shape is.

4 months ago

jeehyung commented a month ago

Add docmentation of energyOfStruct

At least there’s hope. :slight_smile:

Sorry jandersonlee. Lib.energyOfStruct already implemented in test server but fold with constraint function isn’t. We will update those functions to main server as soon as possible.