Ribosome Evolution proposal

Two of the six libraries selected for Ribosome Evolution Round 1 did not indicate an individual sequence for iSAT testing. The proposal on the table is that we allow the designer of a library already selected to pick an individual sequence for testing. Please post any thoughts on the proposal and vote Agree or Disagree on the proposal. We need participants to weigh in with an Agree or Disagree in order to feel we have community consensus.

My impression from reading player comments is that players focused on the library when voting and not so much on the individual sequence, because if the designer made a good library then the designer also would pick a thoughtful sequence for individual testing.


That is a reasonable solution to have the designer pick their favorite sequence for testing, so I agree with your proposal.

I must admit I did not understand the lab myself. I thought that the premise was to pick 8 bases from the lab’s stated starting sequence so that 4**8=65536 designs would somehow get exhaustively tested. Given that I did not understand it, I’d personally be fine with letting the library owner choose the base design. For myself, I can no longer find the analysis on which I chose the 8 bases so could not reasonably pick a starting design without starting my analysis all over again.

I agree that the designer should now select the individual sequence.

Whatever you do is OK with me.

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Thank you for the attention to the ‘individual sequence’. If I had a selected library, I would love to put a book in it! Cheers to the competitors!

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I feel the same as JR.