Robot problem

Just wanted to mention that we have a problem with adding constraints.

As Brourd sums up our problems: The problem with the constraints, appears to be that it cannot fill in the other half of a pair, if one side is locked with a constraint.

We tried to put in a puzzle with the hairpin structure from the switch lab, (without the hookarea) with the locked bases. And couldn’t get an answer back.

Hi Eli -

thanks for the feedback.

We have been in fact debugging problems with the horrible speed and locked bases - the bot is now bit unstable as we are rapidly changing the code but I think we should be able to stabilize it next week. (But at least the speed should be lot faster now…and hopefully it will get even faster)

We’ll make another news post when we have the bot more polished up.!

Hi Jee!

Thanks for your explanation. This sounds great. :slight_smile:

Good luck!