Sandbox Idea

d9’s latest table got me thinking.
Are there already tables of this stuff based on the ViennaRNA algorithms?

Assuming that there aren’t, I think it would greatly help to add a few more tools to help build our own RNA tables for Eterna and ViennaRNA. Mostly with the addition of a Sandbox environment.

  1. Being able to know how many total nucleotides are in each puzzle.
    If 3 isn’t feasible, this would be the interim solution.

  2. Being able to Import and export a sequence. Coincidentally this could also solve the multiple puzzle levels issue of redoing it. But then you raise the possibility of people posting sequences to all the puzzles. So I’m thinking only allow in Sandbox.

  3. Having a tab like Puzzles and Lab named Sandbox or something, but having empty freeform sequences. From 6 nucleotides to 250 or so. Might be easier to just have a prompt at the beginning with a slider of how many we would require. That way you’d only need one dynamic puzzle, than many static ones.

  4. In Options or Settings, being able to select show energy, and in the center of every stack and loop, it’d show the energy level. Maybe even just make this available on the highest zoom. Without having to mouseover each stack and loop.

  5. To have a generator function. Start small like with max 10 nucleos. And some sort of programming would iterate using set parameters. If you left it open, the combinations would exponentially increase. But if you could select how many G’s or how many GC’s you wanted, and then it would pump out some raw data. And start with a timeout time of 10 minutes or only 200 iterations. Maybe even possible for one of the users to create this, independent of eterna. Any willing programmers out there?

Exporting/importing sequences will be possible through copy/paste in few days. Hope this helps!

We kind of already have an freeform interface where you can define your own RNA shape&length and play with it. We eventually want to roll this out as “Player generated puzzles”, but still haven’t decided how we’ll setup rewards, etc.

Yay! The copy and paste will be invaluable! Thank you Jeehyung!

As for the freeform interface, why not just release it now, without any rewards?
I know I will use it intensively just to test various energy theories. I wasn’t even thinking a fully functional puzzle, just yet.

As for rewards, what ideas do people out there suggest or the eterna team have comtemplated?