What did I do to get this image. Thanks

And how to I get it back to normal Win10-Chrome.

This is most likely a low-level graphics glitch we can’t really do anything about. Refreshing your page or if that doesn’t work rebooting your computer is probably the way to go here.

I do those things and let you know what works and what doesn’t. Thanks for the reply.
Works in Firefox but not in Chrome so it has to do with Chrome…
Signoff, Signon doesn’t work.

Maybe try doing a hard refresh via control-shift-r?

None of that stuff worked so just now unplugged all cables to my monitor and re-plugged them in. I hosed my display settings but the screenshot works now. Issue fixed. Thanks for your patience and help.

Found out what it was. If screen is maximized I get funny stuff but in window
mode all is OK.

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