Search forums with Google search

The quality of the search results in the forums here is incredibly bad right now.  You can search them using Google search, but it takes some thought to get the query right.  Being lazy, I created a script to create the link for the Google search on the forums.

If you want to use it, create a bookmark to the script and use the bookmark instead of the search box here in the forum.  It takes a couple of extra clicks, but less thought than composing the google search term manually.


I think would be what you want.

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This is sweet news. :slight_smile:

While the forum update made the forum far easier to use for posting, all the subject keywords went missing with it too. I found myself googling the forum posts too, but you did something about it. Thx!

It seems the forum does not allow full text search in the posts. However it seems to search in author and in title field. Would be more useful if when searching one is allowed to do a full text search as seemed to be the case earlier. If I want to learn about melt plot, I do not want to get only the posts with melt plot in the title, but all posts where the topic is mentioned. That would help the new players in getting hold on the information too. In the meantime, big thx for the shortcut.

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The tags are actually still there… Just not accessable to be set or directly read by the public. Only those with management permissions can set them, but they are used in searches for all users.

I’ll bring this up in the GetSat forums.

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LFP, thx!

The searching was set up differently earlier. Sometimes when I search now, I get everything 10+ pages of posts, instead of a direct match to what I search for. Earlier I could get to the posts much faster. Also earlier there were a visual of where the phrase/s one searched for would pop up in the context of where it was, so one kind of got a preview of the what one could expect. Kind of like a google search.

So I’m not totally sure what goes on. Sometimes I get way too much results, but sometimes I get too little, when I know there is more to be found.

Well, with over .6k posts that would be a lot more than 10 pages. :wink: Once I finish categories, that should be really helpful (though when you select multipple categories, it includes results from all of them, something else I might want to bring up).

As it does not search the body, I’m not sure that highlighting would still be helpful?

Hehe, you get my point.

Ok, if it does not search in the text context, then highlight will not be helpful.

Woops! I meant 1.6k posts. That actually makes a bit of a difference. :slight_smile:

Anyhow, the new GetSat app is nice, but hopefully they can tune the search a bit more. Drawback of going with a solution like this is lack of customization, but we make do!

Also, when using the GetSat search function, you can use double quotes to signify an exact phrase, as well as keywords AND (meaning both items it is between must be present) and OR (meaning one of the items it is between must be present, but not both), which must be typed in capital letters. As I mentioned, sorting by category will soon be quite helpful.

Good point, that makes the query more specific, limiting it to only things on the forum, as opposed to mine that might return results about forum posts (as well as some that are totally irrelevant.)  If I had weighed the pros and cons before writing it, I’m not sure which I would have chosen.

Actually, you can edit scripts now if you would find it worthwhile to change. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that.  Thanks for the tip!

As a quick test, I tried searching for And/Or gates with both versions.  I’m not sure why, but Google was a lot more liberal in including related forum posts with my version than the one you suggested.  I liked the liberal results better, so I decided to stick with the script as it is.

FWIW, the current getsat search isn’t even finding matches in the titles of posts.  I started a topic just last week titled Extending the gate nomenclature to the newest miRNA labs. When I went to find it, it doesn’t turn up in a search for either gate or gate nomenclature.