Searching for eteRNA

Not sure when the wagons roll in the marketing department :frowning:
But a quick checklist may help; google searches on eterna and eterna game:

At the moment top of the google list is: - jee’s page which is great - may I suggest a big link back to the game page on this one. :slight_smile: It has an https but I got in to the front page - last posts are over a month old

This one at position eight (in Oz anyway) is a problem - it seems to be an old getsatisfaction page - and Sneh is the only person contributing - but some time ago, may I suggest that if you cant delete it put a big redirect button on it.

Don’t forget to update this one:…

There seems to be a Pokemon game based in Eterna City (Japanese: ハクタイシティ Hakutai City)
And a South American board game which seems to be popular but not available now

Twitter is up to date but only 11 followers :frowning:

Also found under eterna: some nice watches, a car, and a few other things lol.

At Carnegie - a couple of old pdfs and nothing in news and events - basic search and search of newsletters. Stanford - some music references. Nothing in either’s events calendars.

Note: all of these posts can be deleted before go live

SPM: Very valuable. Thanks! Someone is on it.