Show Title & Author of Solution in Lab Graphic Interface

I was noticing that when I am comparing solutions in the Voting Interface, and I click “View/Copy” on a solution to take a look at it in the Graphic Interface, there is nothing there to tell me that I have actually clicked on the right line, and that I am indeed viewing the solution I meant to view.

I think that the Graphic Interface should include a text line with the Title and Author of the solution being currently displayed. This would help keep players oriented to what they are currently viewing, especially when going through several designs.

I was thinking that there is just enough room for this just under the Puzzle Title (currently “Shape Library 101: The Finger”), and just above the Free Energy gadget and the Constraint gadgets.

I think that this is a great idea.

Hi All,

I know all you Devs are snowed under with the launch, but just wanted to give this topic a “goose” up the list since it has been dormant for a month.

Also wanted to add that this would now be more valuable to me than ever, because the way my lab design evaluation routine has evolved, I now typically have 5 to 7 different designs open simultaneously in different tabs to facilitate quick switching for comparison. The problem is, there is nothing on the page to remind me which is which, so I have to click the little 3-headed icon to get back to the list to see the title and author. (not very convenient).

Another thing that might be very helpful - it just occurred to me - would be if the title of the design could also appear in the browser tab! Wow, that could also really help identifying and switching back and forth between design tabs while evaluating and comparing.

Anyway, just wanted to refresh this request for when things get a little less crazy for you all, after the launch

Thanks, and Best Regards,