Skip low-difficulty challenges

I’d like to tell the game to stop offering puzzles below a certain difficulty level.

I’ve only been playing a few days but I’m finding the difficulty zero puzzles boring and it’s quite fiddly to select higher ones by hand each time on the challenge list. It’s just a tiny thing but if I could tell the game to auto-select puzzles only above a certain level that would be nice!

Hi Ricky,

I am not aware of this function on eterna at this time. However, when I was working on a Difficultly zero level I would type in the name at the top and bring up all puzzles in that name series. I used to look at what the harder requirements were and try to start working with less GC’s and more GU’s in the zero puzzles if I could.

Welcome to Eterna!


Hi Ricky,

This problem has been registered in our task list with issue #96…

We’ll update the post once we make progress.

Thanks for sharing your idea

I like this idea

I think the level 0 puzzles are a good way to get ready for the harder ones…