Social psychologist on the team?

I’m wondering how #Gamification is being approached.
I know that UX is seen as relating to CS. That’s just reasonable. But in my experience is largely a matter of cognitive psychology. (Does anyone use “cognitive ergonomics” anymore? There was a professional association related to that in the 1980s. Has it slipped into dis-use?

I’ll give you a concrete example and leave this short:
say someone is very popular and well known in Chat. (“Klout”, yes?) That person mentioning their new solution would broadcast very well. If that person not just mentions but announces, that carries further. And if they actually ask for votes (I’ve seen that; it isn’t rare) very nearly campaigning, that … I suggest … can have a very real effect on results.

Attention garners more attention. It’s the fact of social politics. And lower prestige players (I’m not a fan of “rank theory” but it does play out in the wild!) are often eager to garner a positive relationship with those who, through complex social promises, are at the top of the ladder.

I hope this sort of thing can some day play a large roll in group projects, dealt with consciously and as matters of design; the matters are sometimes thorny, and sometimes nearly taboo, but they do drive the ebb and flow of daily affairs.

Adrien Treuille wants to do an experiment in “crowd wisdom” and “crowd sourcing”?
Is that like group projects? Collaboration? Co-operation?

I saw none of that.
I saw junior highschool personality politics. I.e.: go with the flow, or STFU.

I have no evidence that there is the slightest attention to social dynamics.
PM is sweet … painfully primitive.

Chat is sweet … problematic in a number of ways. Inferior in any number of ways.
IRC is far more functional.
Google Plus is far more functional.

It seems to me that this is a project, indeed … a CMU project. Nothing about #SocialDynamics at all.

Science requires methodology. Methodology calls up technology. That’s not a question; that’s a statement.

I congratulate JeehYung Lee for the programming.
But CS has a crappy history with UX. And anybody who doesn’t recognize that isn’t worth his salt.
That’s not a question. That’s a statement.