Solution overwriting on lab puzzles

Here’s a problem regarding lab puzzles.

When I start designing a solution to a particular lab puzzle, I work by myself, putting the various pairs where they are needed without too much trouble. However, when I start to optimise the whole thing, I decide Vienna is a bit too troublesome and take a peek at some other person’s solution. After noting some design features, I click “return to game” on the voting screen - only to realise that the solution I looked at last has overwritten my OWN solution! Clearly there must be a way to fix this?



I totally back you up. Even though I read your post I jumped the trap. I almost finished my design, then took a look at another players design, which then deleted my own solution. Even though I opened the other players design in a different window.

Yeah, this has totally messed me up a couple of times. I go to look at what else is being designed to try to get different solutions and lose my work. This is particularly annoying because I usually look around at other designs when Vienna is being slow…