Solving puzzles "Most solved" - "Uncleared" selected

It looks like the above selection gives a total of 9 rows. If you don’t want to solve your own puzzles
the selection become fruitless after you have 27 Most solved puzzles at the top of the list.

This doesn’t entirely speak to your concern, but you do know that if you continue to scroll down, more puzzles will be filled in at the bottom?

Yes it does meet my concern. I can not scroll any more after the first load of additional puzzles. Can you?
Thanks for the reply.

You can test it without any selections. The puzzles are loaded on a scroll
only once for me.

Interesting. I have no problem scrolling ad nauseum.

What OS/browser combination do you have? Maybe post a screenshot that includes the scrollbar position when you get stuck?

Win 10/Chrome - scroll bar at bottom of page.