Some aspects of NOVA interface not implemented?

I’m curious as to why some parts of the NOVA interface were not transferred over, specifically thinking of the new mission completed screen (which I personally like, and would solve this issue, once the points/rank tally is added to it), the switch state UI (I may like the new one that’s currently being used better, I’m kinda on the fence), and for the tutorial creator, the ‘hint box’.

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I reviewed and added everything that Mike Bao contributed. I also had to come up with art assets for the many elements that Nova didn’t implement (they have no labs, no puzzlemaker, etc), or adapt some (like the switcher for N-states, Nova only has 2-states). Hint boxes and mission completed screen were simply not part of the code that was contributed to us.

Makes perfect sense, thanks. Any possibility we would be able to at least get a version of those at some point?

Certainly, but if Mike isn’t going to contribute it (and it seems he won’t be able to), then it’ll have to wait for some time, unfortunately.