Some issues with 18-18

Hi everyone, 

I am working on the last puzzle before lab access, 18-18.  There appear to be a few bugs in it:

  • Right-click beam to puzzle-maker appears to crash the program
  • There is a weird stray nucleotide that can’t be edited and seems to just hang out.  To see it, enter this sequence: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACAUGAGGAUCACCCAUGUUUAUUGUUUAUUAUGGGGUCAG. It’s there in state 1 and 2 in natural and target mode, but in different places. 
  • After clicking through the instructions at the beginning, the last “hint window” lingers and never goes away, even after zooming out, in, etc. It obstructs the view in side-by-side mode so it would be nice to get rid of it.
  • I recall (and someone mentioned)  a label or some that indicates which oligo is tb-a and which is tb-b. It’s not hard to figure this out from context, but if the labels were there it would be nice.

Perhaps some of these are user errors. Not sure.  I am using chrome on a mac with the new javascript version of eterna.


  • Jeff
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In Dual natural mode, I see a stray A base that initially shows up just before base 105. When I move the sequence, the stray base does not move. In Dual target mode it is a C that appears before base 108.

Putting the cursor over the oligo’s would pop up the name in the past but not in this puzzle.

That’s a big text window if you work with a smaller screen for sure. Needs to be something to make it go away.

Confirmed the crash when going to puzzle-maker.

You are unable to beam puzzles with Oligos to puzzlemaker - it does not have the necessary code to handle it, and the behavior has not changed since Flash.

Per the “stray nucleotide”, I’ve gotten reports about this in the past - this is another data point that may well be useful when I get around to fixing it.

Noted about the final hint window - I could add a button to it like with the other textboxes. Do you think this information should be repeated in the hint (which I know is also messed up per the link)?

You should indeed be able to hover over the strand to get the label - this appears to be a bug, which I’ll look into resolving.

Thanks for this.  Some quick followups.

 - For the puzzlemaker issue perhaps just disable or remove that menu item when a puzzle has oligos?

  • I like the idea of adding an ok button to the text box and then having it disappear. 

  • I think the hint is fine as is.  The fisker/omei guide is useful.  As I recall html wasn’t rendering in the hint though, but that’s not a big deal.

Again, thanks for all your hard work.  I personally would count these as fairly low priority issues FWIW.