Something wrong with the folding algorithm :(

There is something wrong with the folding algorithm, an error of some sort (alternatively there is a bug in the flash programming).
I found this whilst solving my design “Sinking Sailing Ship” before publishing it in the Player Puzzles section. Flipping the basepair at 20-166 resets the basepair counter at the bottom of the screen.
I have not published it yet, would be hard for others to solve it with constraints of 0 basepairs of any basepair type :slight_smile:

Below you find the shape notation and screen-dumps of before and after basepairflip:

I made the puzzle to try to beat the bot algorithms, but I expected to be able to fold and finish it first :slight_smile:
It would be nice if anyone else could report whether they can reproduce the error or not.

Thanks for reporting boganis.

To make it easier to debug, can I ask a couple of questions?

  1. When that happened have you tried to do further editing? If so, did the pair number still stay at 0?

  2. Do you remember how long you have been playing your puzzle?

Thanks in advance!

EteRNA team

  1. Yes, I tried doing further editing, but the basepair counter did not react, nor did the overview window (showing problem spots in red, and ok areas in white). I could convert a lot of AU pairs to GUs without the puzzle reacting (when it normally should have destabilised the design).
    I solved other puzzles in another tab -without problems, after I had noticed the bug, keeping my faulty design open just in case you saw my error report and wanted me to do anything with it. The only way to make it work again was to push the Back (undo) button until I got to the state previous to flipping the basepair mentioned in the original post, but as soon as I flipped that basepair, or tried to insert an inverted basepair it went bust again (by inserting an inverted basepair I mean: clicking on the bond between the bases in the basepair counter so that it inserts a pair of nucleotides instead of a single nucleotide).

  2. Regrettably I can’t remember how long I had been working on designing that puzzle, but it was quite a while :slight_smile: