Sort Forum search results

If possible, it would be nice to implement a search result sorting option in the forums.
This should include
“time - Latest first”
“time - Earliest first”
Likes received
Answers given

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I think the first is already implemented by the default date search - perhaps ascending and descending? Not sure what relevance does. Could you explain the “likes received” and “answers given” search options?

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Well, relevance is a heuristic search result comparison, similar to the sorting in, say, bing et al.
Likes given: well, there is this number right under the text of the original suggestion that says “1(2,3,…) You like this idea” - this count, I mean.
Answers given: Count all the replies listed under a topic and sum them up, should give an idea of how man people are writing x the times they posted something (i.e. the stats that are listed under “about this idea” could be used as a sorting function.

Oh I’m so dumb - I glanced too quickly and thought you were talking about puzzle searching on the website. Sorry! I understand now

no prob’m