Stop! You are doing it all wrong!

You are doing it totally wrong, according to wiki you got some 26000 that use it or try it. You need people like me who don’t like games that much, but love money and fun.
If it was character/story-based and had engaging visual landscape I could run around in it and enjoy it as a game more easily. Today its only nerds, geeks and other riff-raff stinkers that will bother with you because you do it the wrong way ideologically.
Make money-prizes for solutions or best of class etc. (get some sponsor), reform your game-visuals from a “clean” view of DNA or whatever into a real game.

Some of the structures remind me of spindle-staircases, make a Mario-character run up and down the “staircases” trying to find connections to other staircases before they fall/explode/loose steps based on your folding/protein-rules, or let Mario be hunted by cancer-proteins or what have you.
I wanted to like the game but got bored both by the training intro and the lack of changing visual feedback etc. If you instead actually add some wad of cash behind those players that find real game-solutions (conquer end of stage protein-monsters by the right staircase-paths, energy-levels, strength of staircases etc), you could get millions to try it again and again the same way millions of suckers respond to and use years to “earn money online”.

So conclusion: scrap ANY direct comparison/link with boring nerdy science in the visuals and add cash to 100 best solutions every quarter etc. That way you will get 260.000 not 26.000 people playing every day most of whom could not care less for “community-science” but like money and fun and want it sitting down.

And yes the most creative and out of the box-thinkers are not nerds or geeks but tinkerers and those that run their own small businesses, ie. free-market survivors.

Your call.

Well, at least I had a good laugh.

Tell you what: you so sure it would be that “awesome”, right? What’s stopping you from making it? Just do it, create the game as you envision it, and let us see how great it will be. And don’t forget to show us the fabulous scientific discoveries you guys will make. I really just can’t wait to witness this.

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Hmmm… Explain this:…

Last I checked, money doesn’t grow on trees, we need the money we have to make our team larger than 3 developers, and I’m pretty sure Mario and RNA would clash… Guess what? Some people actually care about helping science and humanity, logic puzzles, and are content with ranks, points, and badges. Oh, and by the way-some of the most active players are TEENS. Yep, finicky, game-playing geeks.

Ya it would be great to get Bill Gates or others from the same tax bracket interested in upwardly helping to develop medical science solution based games.

Some sort of The Sims variation, plus tons of other interlaced walkthroughs in a very laymans terminology explained in a comical and entertaining way, even though the underlying concept is of a very serious nature.

A giant growing army of medical problem solvers all fighting for cures. This stuff effects everyone alive either indirectly at first, though directly as time keeps advancing forward.
People, even very wealthy people humbly need not remain idle until its too late to turn back the clock.

Eterna is an excellent example of power to the people, for the people.
And the game should always be free of charge as to not set limitations on percentages of useful chance.
Tommorrow, today.