[Strategy Market] Eternacac'c Berex Revisited

Gross Berex Ratio = GBR = (Non_AU)/AU = (ideal)55/45 & both numerator & denominator are fib or sums of fib numbers.

1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,44,65…Total Nt’s = sum of four fib numbers,i.e.,
100=(21+21+13+(44+1)) each nt-group A,U,G,C is a fib or sum of fib number.
(Maybe limit nt-group A,U,G,C to sum of two fib numbers.)

FE = Free energy = 24 * GBR (actual)

FE * 1.6 + 24 < Melt Temp < 107

0.1 < FE/Melt temp < 1 (small RNA < 200nt’s) (Maybe omit this)
(could be as AND/OR/WHILE relation to Melt temp above).

Clean Dot plot = more than 75% of upper right triangle dot plot probability is found in expected base pairs.


Lowest actual expected base pair probability >= any miss paired probability.

Eliminate rules from bottom up if needed to optimize.

Was this not in correct form for Market Strategy? Or too complex, confusing, or vague?

It seems to have been ignored.