[Strategy Market] Experience knows best

This is a slightly silly strategy market - the question is to find out whether those designs by experienced players do better than those designed by new comers with fresh ideas.

It seems self evident that people who have played all the puzzles and have high scores are probably best at producing lab solutions - but I guess they might not be right if the ‘learned mind set’ that we get from completing challenges and player puzzles is not right for the labs.

So order the designs based on the scores of the person that designed them at the point they submitted the design. And see whether that does show experience knows best - or if we’re teaching ourselves a bad habit somewhere along the way.

This is definitely interesting…

We can’t plug this into our strategy market pipeline as each strategy is required to score RNA solely based on the sequence itself - because eventually, the strategy market will be open to the public and people even outside of EteRNA should be able to enter their own sequences and get scored.

But we could run a short informal test and see the correlation between the points of the users and synthesis scores.