[Strategy market] Gravitation of nucleotides

This strategy is based on the difference in pull each single unpaired nucleotide seems to have on the overall RNA structure.

Sometimes back Brourd were talking about the C-trick that can be used in 1 nt-bulges: ”It can only be used in some puzzles, because unfortunately, the interaction between G and C is very strong, so it can pull puzzles apart with ease.”

I have earlier made strategies that banned nucleotides other than yellow in loop and multiloop ring. Also strategies based on placement of boost. But not a complete strategy weighing the pull on the structure based on the color of the individual nucleotide.

I would like a strategy for all single nucleotides in puzzles (nucleotides not in strings) that says:

Give 0 for single yellow A
Give -1 for single blue U
Give -2 for single red G
Give -3 for single green C

Aptamer ring area excluded and so too the locked part of the hookarea.

Dear Eli,

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Thanks for sharing your idea!

EteRNA team