[Strategy Market] Gs in loops

My strategy is for unpaired bases in loops:

Adenine gets 1 point
Uracil and Cytosine get 0 points

Stipulations (for the following):

  1. Applies to unpaired bases adjacent to stacks and paired bases only
  2. Applies to loops with only 2 stacks “coming out of it” (for loops with 3+ stacks Guanine gets 0 points)

If Guanine reduces Free Energy it gets 2 points else 0 points; the number of Guanine in the unpaired bases of a loop can not exceed 2.

I tried to express my system in the most basic terms above for programming but I have some specific situations that seem to hold true most of the time, though I think these lean toward “design strategies” (so don’t feel compelled to include these):

1-1 loops get 2 Guanine bases (2 points)
1-2 " get 2 Guanine bases (in 1-1 locations) (2 points)
1-3 " gets 1 Guanine base (in 1 location) (2 points)
1-4 " get 2 Guanine bases (in lowest FE combo) (2 points)
2-2 " get 2 Guanine bases (kitty corner) (2 points)

The following seem to hold true less often:
2-3 loops get 2 Guanine bases (kitty corner) (1.5 points)
end loops (any size) get 1 Guanine at lowest Free Energy (1.5 points)

Dear theStark,

Your strategy has been added to our implementation queue with task id 19. You can check the schedule of the implementation here.

Thanks for sharing your idea!

EteRNA team