[Strategy Market] Guanine Boosting Clock

I’m unsure if anyone has posted this as a strategy, but I’ll wager other people are aware of this. In an RNA- for this example, we’ll say Wobble Dynx’s ‘Evolutive Fractal’- Guanine boosters tend to work best when placed in a specific direction throughout the puzzle’s endloops. I believe the direction hinges upon the RNA itself, but the idea goes as thus:

Either A) Choose a Guanine booster site with the highest impact on negative free energy or
B) Choose the direction based off of which side is most commonly used in the endloops for boosting in that RNA. A is preferable. Whichever is selected, any value that deviates (G on the right instead of left, for example) is considered incorrect.

Then, subtract a point for each incorrect Guanine booster placement in endloops.

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