[Strategy market] Joshua's meltplot 1

This strategy is based on Joshua’s discovery of the value of meltplot.

I would like to ad this strategy to eliminating cub scouts and unstable designs

Give -1 for each % rise (to the right) in the first field of meltplot - of the line between temperature 37 and 47 degree.

This curve would get around -50 point because of the rise of the curve.

This is the picture of a true cub scout

See my article for further explantion of meltplot

Dear Eli,

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Thanks for sharing your idea!

EteRNA team

I will like this strategy suspended for designs, that I have defined as pressurized. As those designs will have a different and sharp rising meltplot from the start.

Energetic pressured designs are designs with many strings only 3 nt’s and shorter.

For the explanation behind, see my post on pressurized RNA designs.